Covid19 cancelation

Hello Flufs,
By now it is becoming kind of a sad routine to read these messages.
Recent covid19 developments have made us have to reconsider going ahead with StahlWolle 5.0 as planned.
Tough technically the law still allows for us to go ahead with the party there would be severe restrictions. There would be no physical contact allowed as everyone needs to maintain 1,5 meters distance from one another. No physical activities such as dancing or suiting. A mask requirement for the entire event. The requirement to leave your contact information for infection tracking. Filling out forms stating you have no symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has in the last 48 hours. And for people coming in from red zones even requirement to present negative test results.

On top of that the greater risk that some of you could catch covid19 and even worse pass it on.

This all would ruin the lovely experience that we wish StahlWolle to be.
It is after a tough deliberation that we have decided to postpone StahlWolle 5.0 to next year.
We are still looking to plan around other events but as most events simply cannot give dates under these conditions we cannot yet give an exact date. We will plan StahlWolle 5.0 for November 2021.

Purchased tickets will remain valid for the new date in November 2021. However should you wish a refund instead then please contact us with your order number and we will refund you your purchase.

Under normal circumstances our next event would have been the Carnaval parade in spring 2021. However large public gatherings will be prohibited until at least the end of February. So the night parade itself is canceled. We may if the circumstances allow it organize our carnaval party in March, without the parade but just for the community.

Now that is a lot of bad news but let’s see what good we can do. Many of you have been telling us how we have been the only event in the area to not yet be canceled. Now we would like to do something for the community but it would have to be on a smaller scale and covid proof. Should you have any ideas please share them with us and we can see if we can make them a reality.

Naturally we will keep you updated on any new developments.
We hope you all stay safe and healthy, and welcome you all once this pandemic has passed.

StahlWolle is like a fur dance, but Metal.

This event invites fans of live bands who also happen to be in the furry community to rock some tail and have an amazing night among friends.

Our next edition will be Furry Carnaval Meet March  2021.
After that it’s StahlWolle 5.0 on November 27th 2021. Make sure to mark it in your calendar and don’t forget our convenient Facebook events.

As a non profit we need volunteers to make it all happen on a budget. Are you willing to help with serving drinks and or food then please contact us. Volunteering has its perks!