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Ticket Types

Entrance to the event for the evening and access the venue. Drinks (including alcohol) and snacks are included.

Sleep over Upgrade. You can spend the night at the main stage after the party has died down and moved to the smaller bar. Do not expect an early night. Bring your own gear (including air mattress, pump et cetera). Breakfast is served at 11:00 and will include bread, cheese, sandwich meat, scrambled eggs and sweet sandwich toppings like peanut butter and hagelslag. If you buy a breakfast option and have dietary restrictions please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. All attendees are expected to have left by 13:00.

Sponsor (StahlWolle Only):
Get your amazing sponsor upgrade! You get that editions T-Shirt (black shirt with a new piece of metal furry art each edition) and a special Sponsor button so that you can show off how much you love our event. This option also includes 4 Noms for the Alley Cat snack-bar.

Please note:

All tickets are sold with an Early Bird discount period. After the discount period normal pre-sale pricing applies. Tickets will also be sold at the door for a door sales price. For pricing details see the event pages below. Keep in mind all sales at the venue are cash only.