About the Location

The Adress

The venue is in Waldfeucht just across the Dutch border into Germany, near Sittard.
Clemenstrasse 32
52525 Waldfeucht

Reaching the venue by public transport from within Germany  fairly good with one bus stop right across the road and a more busy bus stop a couple hundred meters down the street at the intersection with Landstraße L228.

Public transport from the Dutch side of the border is somewhat complicated. Though there are quite a few people traveling by car so make use of our FaceBook event, or contact @Blacky_Vik on Telegram to get n access key to the telegram group, to catch a ride with someone passing by either the Sittard or Roermond train stations.  Keep in mind that traveling back by public transport the same day may require an early departure, or spening the night.

Construction NOTICE

Currently the street the venue is sitting on is under construction. This does create a “less than optimal” parking and walking to the venue situation.
There is no sidewalk at the moment. Expect some mud, sand and puddles on your way to the door.
Also note that the street has been closed 100 meters after the venue We do not recommend approaching from Maria-lind as you will have to drive around the closed street. It is also not recommended to pass thru the construction zone (Marked in black below) on foot as this could be dangerous depending on the activities going on at that time.

It will be possible to briefly stop and take stuff out of your car into the venue. Only do so if it doesn’t result in you blocking traffic. We will do our best to have you all checked in as soon as we can but the waiting area is not limitless. If you come by car and see a line out the door consider waiting 10 minutes in the car.

For parking refer to the map below.
Please do not park in the red areas or the streets marked in red.
The parking lot across the street has been mostly removed and a few parking spots are available but with your help we could have the band park there which will really help with getting their gear out of and back into their cars.
Also do NOT park in front of the FireSation.
Areas marked in yellow are technically available for parking but you have to be careful that you are not in the way and the street is not yet finished.
Green are areas and streets are not affected by the construction activities. Please park there in a considerate manner.

This has always been the rule but with the current situation in front of the building this is even more important. Please refrain from going back and forth to your car during the event. You will bring in more mud which will end up not just on our carpet but worse in all the beautiful fursuit paws.

For those of you whom spend the night there is the option to store your sleeping bag etc.

The Venue

The venue consist on 5 areas: The entrance hall where you can find the smoker’s area, the snackbar called The Alley Cat and the toilets. Then during StahlWolle you can access the Headless Area where you can change into your fursuit or store your sleepover belongings. During the Carnaval Meet you can store all your belongings and change into your suit in a private part of the main hall. You can also enter the kegelbahn (like a bowling alley) called Odin’s Kegel Cave or enter the main hall with the main bar, lounge area and stage called The Serving Sergal and the Goat To Place. Security and first aid is always present.

The Serving Sergal
The Serving Sergal is the main a bar in the main venue hall, where you can have one of the common sodas or (mead) beer, but also special StahlWolle cocktails like The StahlWolle, the Chemical Goat, The Red Rocket, and the alcohol free Unicorn’s Juice! Drinks and small snacks like crisps and candy are provided free of charge. Named after the owner of the venue, the light-show and audio engineer, main crew Red the Sergal.


The Goat To Place
Goat To Place is the lounge area in the main venue hall littered with couches. And of course, the concert stage during StahlWolle! During the Furry Carnaval Meet the back half of this area is set up as the headless lounge and sleepover area. Here you can drink, chill and dance to your heart’s content! You can also find our famous drawing walls here where you can doodle on and leave your mark on the event. This location is named for the second founder of the event, Blacky the Goat. He is always hanging around here helping guests and serving drinks.


The Alley Cat
This is the fried snack bar in the first hall of the venue. Here you can use your Noms (purchased at the Serving Sergal) to get fried snacks like fries, frikandel, hotdogs, burgers et cetera. For the omnomnivore menu please see our FAQ here. This location is named and mostly manned by the third founder of the event Carry the Cat.


Odin’s Kegel Cave
This is the second small bar and nine-pin bowling alley! You can get your soda here, and play to your hearth’s content. We highly recommend playing a game while in fursuit! This bar is manned by the always metal Odin the Dragon.