StahlWolle 6.0

Date and Time:

26/11/2022 16:00 - 27/11/2022 - 12:00

Events Location:

Red, Clemensstrasse 32, Waldfeucht, NRW, 52525, Germany

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About The Events

There are three types of ticket and pricing is dependent on when you order and pay your ticket.

      • Evening tickets include access to the event, a button, drinks(including alcohol) and snacks (crisps and candy) during event.
      • Sleepover options are for those staying the night after the event.  You can spend the night at the main stage after the party has died down and moved to the smaller bar. Do not expect an early night. Bring your own gear (including air mattress, pump et cetera). Breakfast is served at 11:00 and will include bread, cheese, sandwich meat, scrambled eggs and sweet sandwich toppings like peanut butter and hagelslag. If you buy a breakfast option and have dietary restrictions please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. All attendees are expected to have left by 13:00.
        Sleepover tickets at the door are only available if per chance not all are sold out. There is a maximum amount of spaces so if you want to be sure please purchase this online beforehand!
      • Sponsor option. You get this editions T-Shirt (black with a new piece of metal furry art each edition) and a special edition Sponsor button so that you can show off how much you love our event. This option also includes 4 Noms for the Alley Cat snack-bar.

This is a non-profit event.  As such we are dependent on the ticket sales prior to the event in order to buy our drink and food. Prices increase closer to the event date to encourage people to order early allowing us to plan better. Tickets of any kind are not refundable.

Type Price

Early Bird Evening one person (before 01-10-2022)

€ 20,00

Pre sales Evening one person (before 12-11-2022)

€ 30,00

Door Evening one person (only available at the door during event)

€ 40,00

Early Bird Sleepover one person (payment before 01-10-2022)

€ 10,00

Pre sales Sleepover one person (payment before 12-11-2022)

€ 12,50

Door Sleepover one person (only available at the door during event if there are still places left)

€ 20,00

Sponsor package (before 29-10-2022)

€ 30,00

Events Location: